Join us Friday Nov 12 at 7:00pm
for our furniture and home goods Swap 
in the historic Mesa Fraser Fields neighborhood.

So make plans, 
save the date and...

                be sure to dress in your most tweedy elegance (TWEED not tweet or twitter or anything to do with the internet).

                            Think Amelia Earhart and Agatha Christie
  Don your snappy outfits of herringbone, tweed, wool, felt, argyle, hounds tooth, plaid and more...
boots, knickers, caps, capes, culottes, jackets, vests, ties, mustaches and pipes (well maybe not)
the works!
It's going to be Splendid!

You know the swap drill...
(and if you don't, read all about it here What is a Swap and here Approved Swapping Items).

Are you excited yet? 
 Do you feel the need for tweed and tweediness?
I do!!

So, clean out your rooms, garages and excess decor, 
trade that something that you're tired of 
for something new to you...and don't forget to wear your tweed!
Friday Nov 12th 
Preview begins at 7 pm or earlier
Swap begins at 7:30 pm

Fraser Fields Historic Neighborhood

Bike, drive or bring your wagon but please remember, this is our beloved neighborhood and respect our lawns and driveways.

A light dinner will be served:  Warm soup and bread, hot chocolate and cider.

$10 Participation Fee or $15 at the door:
Click the PayPal button to pay your Participation Fee and secure your spot at the Swap.

Once your fee has been paid you will receive your Participation Number.  This number is important because it determines where you are in line to enter the Swap and choose your items.  Be number 1 and you're the first to enter the swap.  Be number 27 and your the twenty-seventh to enter the swap.  To learn more about the swapping process click here.  You can either pay via PayPal, make arrangements to drop the fee by my house or pay the day of the Swap. When you pay the day of the Swap the fee is a $15 instead of $10.

As always, if you decide not to Swap your fee will be refunded and your items returned.  

This is a little different than before.  But, we've had to change so we can better prepare for the hoards of swappers!! 
 Any questions, please call, text or email.

** Your consent to the swap and all terms and conditions implied or otherwise is acknowledged and agreed upon by yourself once your Participation Fee has been received.

If you want to join our mailing list please email
fraserfields at gmail dot com
requesting you be added

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