What is a Swap?

What is a furniture and home goods Swap?
I hear it all the time, "I don't have anything to Swap."  But I don't believe it.  Take a second look around your house you'll come up with something great.

Simply, bring furniture and home goods that you no longer want and swap them.  Bring 3 items and trade straight across for 3 or more items you want.    Bring 5 items, swap 5 items.  Bring 12 items, swap 12 items.  There is no point or value system, all items are up for even trade.  The swapping possibilities are endless.  You can trade a rug for a lamp, a set of candlesticks for a coffee table, an ottoman for a set of vintage yellow daisy dishes etc.  There is no bartering or making deals, just bring your items for trade and choose your items to take home.

Are their certain items I cannot bring?
Please refer to the link to your right labeled
 'Approved Swapping Items' for a detailed list of what is and isn't acceptable. Any questions can  be answered when you turn in your items.  A working table lamp...yes.  A toilet brush...no.  Clean throw pillows...yes.  A singing  Billy Bass wall hanging...no.  You get the picture.

How can I get the most up to date Swap info?
The best way for communication is via email.  If you want to be added to the mailing list for details and instructions on upcoming Swaps please send an
email to fraserfields at gmail dot com with the word 'Swap' in the subject. 
Of course, you can call or text me also.
Jeni @

How does it work?
When you pay your participation fee you will receive a participation number.

Your participation number is important because it determines where you are in line 
for entering the Swap and picking your items.  Be #1 and you are first in line, #11 you are eleventh, #27 you are twenty-seventh and so on.  

All the items are set up and displayed.  Come early to get a preview of what is up for Swap. We Swap on a first come first serve basis and it is best to pre-pay.  Don't fret or get discouraged if your participation # isn't #1 or even in the first 20.  The Swap is organized in such a way that everyone will get a chance at the coolest stuff and we all walk away happy.  Don't worry about being last.  You wont walk away with just an old fork!  I promise.
 At the end of the Swap any items left over can be taken back by the original owner and then items are offered as a freebie to all participants.  Anything extra will be donated to charity.

What if I come to the preview and don't see anything I want?
If you see nothing you are interested in simply alert the registration desk and request your refund and help in retrieving your items.  This must be done before the Swap begins.  A 'last call' will be announced.  Once  'last call' has been announced all items are surrendered for the Swap.  But, believe me, you will see more than one thing that calls your name!!

How can I pay my Participation Fee and 
get my number?
The Swap Participation fee is $10 before the date of the Swap.  The day of the Swap the fee is raised to $15.  There are 3 ways to pay your fee and ensure your place in the Swap.  Once your fee has been received  you will get your participation number.  This ensures your place in line at the Swap.  As always, if your plans change and you decide not to Swap.  Simply contact me and I will send your refund.
  1. PayPal,
  2. Drop the fee by my house, or
  3. Bring your fee the day of the Swap ($15).

Click here for a link to PayPal.

How do I turn in my items for the Swap?
It's best to bring your items before the day of the swap.  The week before the Swap my house will be open for dropping off your items making payment and getting your Participation Number.  Just email, text or call me to make arrangements.  You will get a receipt with your number of donated items.  Remember if you bring 3 items you swap 3 items.  If you bring 5 items, swap 5 items.   There is no limit. 

If you decide to bring your swap items and pay your participation fee the morning of the swap (the fee is $10 if paid before the Swap and $15 the day of the Swap) you will receive your participation number on a first come first serve basis.   Make sure you stop by the registration table to submit your Swap items and secure your place in line.

If I see a set of plates that I like will I only be able to choose one?
A set of anything is considered one item.  A pair of candlesticks, set of plates, a collection of artwork, it's all considered one item.

Why isn't this event free?
I simply need to cover my costs of putting the event together and catering the food.

Any other questions?  Email me
jenniyo at gmail dot com